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Paul Catherall is a London-based printmaker who uses the lino technique to create impressive geometric prints of iconic architectures and structures. His signature style consists of simplified versions of landmarks with two or three tones on the structure set against a flat, bold colour background. He works with the adage ‘less is more’ and describes his work as a pared down homage to the classic mid 20th Century poster designs. Paul Catherall was first attracted to linocut printmaking whilst studying for his degree in illustration. He enjoys the methodical, step-by-step process of lino printing and is mainly self-taught. Paul Catherall begins the lino printing process by carving a design into a sheet of linoleum with special tools of varying thicknesses. He will then cover the raised areas using high quality oil based inks and then impress it onto 100% cotton acid free paper. Paul Catherall uses this method as he finds it a relatively simple process and it is a direct form of printmaking, the downsides being that it can become quite complex and require a lot of patience.


Paul Catherall was brought up in Coventry city centre in the 1970’s and memories from this time greatly inspire his work. Living in London has directly influenced Paul Catherall’s prints, from strong light falling on concrete buildings to dramatic silhouettes of the city. He is inspired by London’s fascinating and diverse range of architecture and landmarks and as a result around 95% of the subject matter of his prints is London themed. Paul Catherall states that he could continue ‘printing’ London forever. 20th Centurary poster designers such as Tom Eckersley and Edward Wadsworth have also had an influence on Paul Catherall’s style. The simplistic use of colour and form construction that are key elements to Paul Catherall’s prints, are a pared down homage to the classic mid 20th Century Poster designs.

Work and Exhibitions

Paul Catherall has worked for many high profile clients including Penguin , Transport for London and British Airways. Paul was commissioned by Penguin for the reissued cover of George Orwell’s ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ cover illustration. Paul states that this has been one of his most enjoyable works as he was able to pull off a good mix in the composition between chaos and balance, with a restrained but strong colour palette. Another of Paul Catherall’s most enjoyable works was the commissioned print ‘St Paul’s Cathedral in the spring’ for Transport for London. It was part of a set of four images which made up a view of the City reflecting the four seasons. Paul Catherall has been part of many solo and group exhibitions

Besides printmaking, Paul Catherall enjoys spending time with his young children and appreciating a break from printing with a custard doughnut and his favourite tunes.

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