Alex Arnaoudov

ALEXANDRE (ALEX) ARNAOUDOV was born on 14/05/1974 in Bulgaria. He started taking pictures while at the America University in Bulgaria, when he took a Photojournalism class, and since then has been shooting more or less on a regular basis. His prime interest is social and cultural documentary photography from around the world, which he also tries to develop into a more artistic way of expressions.

Alex has worked on several projects over the years, including a documentary on the conditions of Bulgarian orphanages for Helsinki Watch Bulgaria and a project documenting the process of teaching English to Roma orphans in a Bulgarian orphanage. He has done a solo exhibition titled Places and Faces of Bulgaria at the American University in Bulgaria, depicting the Rozhen Folk Festival, which takes place annually in the Rhodopa Mountains in Bulgaria. Alex has also taken part in a UNESCO-run exhibition, titled Just Art, which took place in Boston, USA. Alex’s photograph Boston Common has also been chosen as a finalist to the 2003 photo competition of the International Library of Photography and it was included in the book “Journey into the Imagination.” While in Boston, Alex worked alongside renowned artists such as Ernest Withers and Bradford Washburn. At present, Alex resides in Ealing, London.

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