Amanda Blunden

Amanda Blunden

After gaining her Fine Art BA Honours degree from Leeds in the mid 80s, Amanda has led a varied artistic career. Based in SW London, where Amanda lives and works, her work has over the years, been shown in galleries and fairs both in London and nationally; on TV and media including craft and design publications and on fashion designer clothing for high end retailers.Her work has included public space wall murals, surface pattern design, papier-mache grandfather clocks, and more recently mixed media printmaking and painting.
Her recent work combines monoprinting and painting, sometimes using digital manipulation, where she feels is appropriate. Her mixed media monotype, ‘Night pool’, won the Intaglio Printmakers Prize at the National Original Print Exhibition at Bankside Gallery in September 2017.
More recently, she has had one of her works, ‘City Beach, Bankside’, selected by the RWS for their Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition at Bankside Gallery. In contrast to her more ‘serious’ work, Amanda draws on a lifetime of Folk Art influences to create quirky prints, posters and cards where her images of animals and birds are popular with children and adults alike.

“I have always had a love of texture and colour, whether through printmaking, painting or making 3 dimensional objects such as paper-mache. I am fascinated by the relationship between what is seen and that which is hidden in layers beneath the surface. The rich, textural journey of paint, print and mark-making determine the mood and ambience of those layers in my exploration of seascapes, landscapes and natural forms. Often the process itself takes me in an unexpected direction, where the element of surprise and discovery can be the most satisfying for me.”

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