Barry Goodman

Introduction & Printmaking Style

Barry Goodman is a print maker who creates collagraphs of nostalgic memorabilia including vehicles, toys, and other various objects in a pop art style. Barry Goodman is inspired by London’s unique creative energy, providing constant visual stimulation which enabled him to produce his London themed prints, such as the route master buses, black cabs, and the traditional red post boxes and telephone boxes. These objects take central position in the composition with no background, allowing the focus to be fixed on the main element. It is a deceptively simplistic style which gives a sense of nostalgia and memories associated with depicted objects are brought forward, creating an emotional connection to the artworks.

As Barry Goodman uses the collagraph technique for his printmaking, he can produce the plates in the comfort of his own home by collaging different textures together using a cardboard base without the need for acids, chemicals or aquatints. The cardboard shapes are collaged using a variety of materials such as wallpaper and tape to create different marks. Lines are etched using pencils and pens, and a sharp knife. Barry Goodman currently produces all of his prints at Artichoke Printmaking Workshop in Brixton.

Background & Influences

Barry Goodman originally intended to become an architect, with his fascination for buildings and structure. Even from a young age he was influenced by his urban surroundings, drawing imaginary cities and vehicles. Eventually, Barry Goodman decided to study Graphic Design at Reigate School of Art and Design which enabled him to hone his skills and set him up to work as a creative director in advertisement agencies. After leaving the competitive arena of the agency world, Barry Goodman decided to get back into using traditional artistic techniques and started experimenting by painting and sketching the urban landscape. He took this experimentation further and developed his practice with various printmaking skills. He attended The London College of Printmaking (University of the Arts London) to greater refine his natural talent. Barry Goodman has always admired and been influenced by 20th Century American art, in particular Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, and Andy Warhol. Artworks in our GalleryIn our gallery, Barry Goodman’s prints of London transport are favorites among customers, and Barry himself. One of his personal favorites is the A to Z London Street Atlas, a print which consists of a collagraphed image of the Geographers’ New A to Z London and suburbs atlas and street index. It looks slightly battered and worn, just as a regular one would. Barry Goodman greatly enjoys travel related ephemera, such as maps, tickets, luggage tags and even has a collection of Airline sick bags.On his days off from printmaking, Barry enjoys staring at the sky, taking public transport in chaotic Asian cities, hording and visual grazing.

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