Gill Tyson

Gill is a printmaker whose main practice is in lithography, concentrating on the richness of expressive marks within this medium. She develops her prints by building up layers of colour to create a depth and intensity in deceptively simple and distilled imagery.
Gill is drawn to remote, often bleak and harsh, environments – places as diverse as Orkney, The Lofoten Islands and the Namib Desert. She looks for incidents of manmade presence in places that are in some ways inhospitable. It’s often a seemingly out of place marker in the landscape; a circus poster on a telegraph pole by the Arctic Sea, a kilometre marker in the Namib Desert. At the moment she is working on a series of images looking at places where the road runs out; a pier collapsed into the sea, a remote community at the end of the road.
Gill Tyson graduated in 1979 from Edinburgh University and College of Art with an MA in Fine Art. Her work is in many public collections including the Smithsonian Institution, Aberdeen Art Gallery and The Royal Bank of Scotland.
Recent exhibitions include The 7th British Mini Print International where she received a Highly Commended. In 2008 Gill received a Visual Arts Award from the Hope Scott Trust for an exhibition at Edinburgh printmakers and in 2009 a Visual Arts Award from the City of Edinburgh and Scottish Arts Council for a printmaking residency in County Donegal in May 2010.

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