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Iona Stern

After a long career in advertising Iona is now following her passion to print and paint. Iona went to Canterbury College of Art where she studied Art and design under the typographer Peter Sullivan. After 10 years as Creative Director at Dorland Direct she founded the creative agency Stream Marketing. When she left the commercial world of advertising she began to develop her colourful marks under
the tutelage of Tony Rothon and Sarah Nutley. With her design background, Iona’s work achieves a combination of composition and colour, capturing light, movement and mood.
Iona works from her West London studio.

“I combine my interest in composition and colour with expressive marks and am interested in placement and space. Recently I have begun exploring the exciting possibilities of print and mixed media: Oil paint, acrylic, ink, charcoal, gouache, screen print and monotype silk screen, collage (often screen printed).” Iona

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