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Louise Davies

Louise Davies is a professional, contemporary painter and printmaker who has been creating from a young age. She is a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and her work is permanently on show at the Bankside Gallery, situated close to the Tate Modern. She has also had works in the Ashmolean Museum, St Georges Hospital and the Citigroup. Her work is concerned with landscape, colour and line. She depicts nature and the way the light and weather affects the feelings of the day through the use of translucent colour and fluid, impromptu lines. Louise is inspired by artists such as Rothko, with his strong use of colour to communicate a mood, and Miro with his whimsical use of lines.

Printmaking Style

Louise Davies is incredibly experimental when it comes to printmaking techniques, using a diverse range from aquatint to collagraph and beyond. She starts with a strong line drawing directly from her sketchbook, which she always carries. She often makes intuitive marks combined with a good use of colour to achieve an overall pictorial balance. She draws her design using zinc plates and a hard ground with a special etching needle, creating lines which are often spontaneous but always referring back to the original sketch. She also uses a litho crayon which creates softer marks. Louise Davies is currently creating new pieces using a sugar lift technique.

Background & Influences

Louise Davies was first attracted to printmaking as a teenager when she studied at Plymouth College, which contained a well-equipped Art and Printmaking department in which she learnt etching techniques. As a child, Louise favoured drawing and painting and was the one activity that she couldn’t stop doing. She was accepted onto St Martin’s Fine Art programme and completed a M.A in printmaking at Camberwell College of Art.

One of Louise’s most favourite of her prints is “Northern Lights” as it achieves everything that she is looking for in a piece of work. The composition is well balanced, with a mixture of vivid colours and an overall feeling of movement and sparkle. For Louise this print became a turning point which achieved a new body of work and resulted in her style becoming more abstract and confident. This artwork among others by Louise Davies is for sale online and at our Ealing Gallery. Louise Davies is currently working on a new body of work which are about London. This will include prints and paintings which will feature in her joint exhibition at our Ealing Gallery in June 2015.

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