Rebecca Denton

Rebecca Denton has been a painter and printmaker for over two decades, working from her studio in North West London. She creates narrative etchings and evocative monotypes and recently has been creating a series of ‘London Lidos’ monotypes, unique ‘printed paintings’ where graphic simplicity merges with intense colour and depth.
“I love the monotype technique, a painterly process which forces me to work quickly before the ink dries, resulting in a unique spontaneity and energy coming to life in each print’
The daughter of a Hungarian refugee and Yorkshireman, Rebecca has drawn inspiration from the world around her and the depths of her imagination.
Her work can be playful, at times with a serious context, but always hopeful and life-affirming.
“I love it when people connect with a piece; perhaps it triggers a childhood memory or allows them to dream of a better world or just dream…:
Light plays a critical part in Rebecca’s work, and she prefers to sketch in the diffused light at the beginning or end of the day, creating soft colour, gentle shadows and drama. The light sculpts the scene upon which it falls, creating depth and form, all of which is captured in her evocative work.
Rebecca exhibits regularly in the UK including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London’s Bankside Gallery, the Mall Galleries and has prints archived in museum collections including the V+A.

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