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Sara Caputi

“I was born in Padua, Italy in 1983. I studied at Liceo Artistico ‘Amedeo Modigliani ’in Padua and I frequented the University, ‘Accademia Di Belle Arti’ in Venice. Since I was young I’ve been surrounded by beautiful things, such as Classical music, Opera, Poetry, Philosophy and Art, thanks to my parents. Creativity has always been a big part of my life, in bad times I used it to escape from reality but in good times I used it to communicate, to create a language that everyone can understand.
Each period of my life has been filled with different experiences; when I was a teenager, music was my first love. Afterwards, I developed an interest in films, Horror movies and in particular in make-up Special Effects; this brought me to London where I’ve been lucky to experiment this new passion that after a short time grew into a love for make-up. A love that I developed into becoming a Makeup Artist and 1950’s hair stylist; I’ve always been fascinated with the way women was presented themselves in the 1950’s, elegant and feminine.
The hunger for creativity didn’t stop there; shortly afterwards I decided to start to work on a big scale and try the Set Designer path. In the mean time I’ve been so lucky to be part of the ‘Saatchi Gallery’ Education Department team who gave me the tools to spread the love that I have for Art to young people, leading tours and art clubs. With this precious experience in the bag, I started to freelance around different Art Clubs in Fashion, Street Art and Jewellery-making for many Schools all over London, over the summer.
Drawing has always been part of me all throughout my life and this collection of Linocut prints are my latest creation. The Woman is the common denominator and I willingly carve the lino not in the traditional way, almost like a dry point I go over and over the same line so the shapes are extremely defined and full of strong details. A Woman is a beautiful, Independent, strong but fragile individual, every line, scar must be admired, because it is every single ‘defect’ that makes a Woman a beautiful creature.”

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