‘Collagraph’ (sometimes ‘collograph’) is derived from the Greek ‘colla’, meaning glue, and ‘graph,’ meaning to draw. A collograph is essentially a collage of materials of various textures glued on to a printing plate, often a thin wood or cardboard.

The plate is inked up, usually by hand, and then printed on to paper either manually or via a press. It is a form of relief printing that allows artists to create interesting marks and tonal effects due to the use of different materials – anything from lace to leaves, fabrics, card, yarn and so on. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other printing processes, such as etching.

Collagraphs, due to the delicate nature of the card or thin wood plate, are often monoprints or short varied editions. We carry an exciting selection of work by printmakers who use this method in their work, from Vicky Oldfield to Paul Cleden and Corinna Button.

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